The Rich Legacy of Circus Sarasota: A Spectacular Tradition


Sarasota, Florida, holds a special place in circus history, and Circus Sarasota continues to honor this legacy with its mesmerizing performances and dedication to the arts. Learn information about Sarasota, FL.

Historical Significance:

Sarasota earned its title as the “Circus Capital of the World” due to its deep-rooted connection to the circus industry. John Ringling, of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus fame, chose Sarasota as the winter headquarters for his circus in the early 20th century. This legacy laid the foundation for Circus Sarasota’s prominence today. Discover facts about Exploring Sarasota’s Celery Fields: A Natural Oasis.

The Rich Legacy of Circus Sarasota: A Spectacular Tradition

World-Class Performances:

Circus Sarasota showcases world-class talent, blending traditional circus acts with contemporary flair. From daring acrobatics to awe-inspiring aerial displays, each performance captivates audiences of all ages and continues Sarasota’s circus tradition with grace and excellence.

Community Engagement:

Beyond its dazzling performances, Circus Sarasota actively engages with the local community. Educational outreach programs bring the magic of the circus to schools, inspiring future generations of performers and circus enthusiasts.

Continued Innovation:

While honoring Sarasota’s circus heritage, Circus Sarasota also embraces innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional circus arts. This commitment to creativity ensures that each show is a fresh and unforgettable experience.


Circus Sarasota stands as a testament to Sarasota’s enduring circus legacy. It captivatingly entertains audiences with its world-class performances while preserving the rich history of the “Circus Capital of the World.”