In our Concrete Coating Talk Blog we’ll keep you up to date and informed on the everything that has to do with concrete coatings. We regularly review new and improved concrete coatings practices, talk about different styles of decorative concrete to make sure our consumers are able to make informed flooring decisions. We’ll also talk about new and improved concrete products and tools being used out in the field that are making our jobs easier and increasing the quality and value of the finished products we are installing.

Are Epoxy Floors Slippery?

By nature, epoxy floors are not slippery. But there are slip additives that can make the floors completely slip-resistant if that's what you need. The surface of epoxy floors is usually smooth so when water gets on them, it's possible for them to be slippery because...

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How to clean and maintain epoxy floors

There are tons of reasons why both residential and commercial property owners love epoxy. The first reason is that epoxy flooring can be installed anywhere there's concrete to make the concrete surface more durable and long lasting. However, without the proper...

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Unique Epoxy Floors

There are So Many Unique Epoxy Flooring Options, Which One Should You Use? The sky is the limit if you are looking for a unique floor. Many times mancaves, cbd stores, car showrooms and specialty businesses will want a one of a kind floor. The good thing is, you can...

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