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At Paradigm Concrete Finishes, we specialize in luxury polished concrete floors. Our machines, our process, and our experienced team allows us to take on the largest and most difficult commercial concrete floor grinding requests as well as smaller residential polished concrete jobs. We handle everything ourselves: from consultation, to grinding and finishing. You know who will be dealing with- from the first phone call to the final walk through of the job – we are there to answer your questions and we will always deliver your vision and meet any deadline that we agree to.


Polishing concrete is an innovative, economical and environmentally friendly process. The process entails cutting, grinding, and honing concrete using industrial grade diamonds and impregnating hardeners to give the floor a polished look.  The process is also environmentally friendly in nature making it one of the most sought-after flooring systems. This flooring application is perfect for commercial & business facilities, industrial plants, warehouses, retail locations, schools, museums, government buildings and showrooms…. and of course, homes.



  • Cost Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Durability
  • Extremely Long Service Life
  • Scratch resistant and Chemical Resistant and Dust Resistant
  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
  • Potential for LEED certification
  • Lots of Colors and Design options

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Our Concrete Polishing Process

The way industrial concrete is used has developed over time and so has our process. Our process to finish a concrete floor involves several steps:

  • Concrete Prep – The floor is cleared of any large debris
  • Diamond grinding – This is the process of cutting through the surface of the floor with an industrial-grade concrete grinder that uses a specialized set of diamond grits to expose the unfinished concrete.
  • When specified, we apply joint filler to all control and expansion joints. We are also able to apply a grout coat to any small cracks and holes.
  • Concrete Honing – This is where we grind the floor down over and over again using progressively lighter diamond blades so it really looks great. This honing process is where you really get the polished finish to look great.
  • Polishing – This is where you choose how you want your floor to look. We polish the floor with bonded abrasives and densifiers / hardeners to make the floor dust and stain resistant. We can also add stains and different coats to make the floor shine more or less depending on your needs.

There are many more steps involved but that overview should give you a great idea of what you can look forward to. If you have further questions, you can look at our Frequently Asked Questions section or just Contact us Today!

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Polished Concrete – Choose the right contractor!

At Paradigm Concrete Finishes, we’ve been in the industrial and residential flooring industry for almost 20 years. We’ve worked with all types of concrete slabs and we’ve invested in the best concrete grinding machines so there is no job too big or small when it comes to grinding concrete floors. At the end of the day, what differentiates us in addition to providing great floors is that we are honest and reliable and really care about providing a durable and quality service. As a family owned and operated company, we guarantee an honest and painless process. We are based in Sarasota, FL but serve over 40 different areas of Florida, call us for a design evaluation and we will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation and match you with the best floor for your needs.