Owen’s Fish Camp: A Culinary Haven in Sarasota, FL

Charming Coastal Ambiance:

Nestled in the heart of Sarasota, Owen’s Fish Camp is a culinary gem that transports patrons to a charming coastal retreat. The restaurant captures the essence of old Florida, offering a laid-back and welcoming ambiance reminiscent of a traditional fish camp. Information can be found here.

Fresh Seafood Delights:

Specializing in fresh seafood, Owen’s Fish Camp is renowned for its delectable menu featuring a variety of locally sourced catches. From succulent shrimp and flavorful grouper to mouthwatering oysters, patrons can enjoy a seafood feast prepared with culinary expertise. See here for information about Bobby Jones Golf Club: A Historic Golf Destination in Sarasota, FL.

Owen’s Fish Camp: A Culinary Haven in Sarasota, FL

Quaint Southern Comfort:

The restaurant’s décor exudes a quaint Southern charm, with wooden interiors, nautical accents, and an inviting porch that adds to the relaxed atmosphere. The combination of Southern comfort and coastal vibes creates a unique dining experience that feels like a seaside escape within the city.

Historic Roots:

Situated in a historic building dating back to the 1920s, Owen’s Fish Camp has preserved the authenticity of its surroundings while offering a menu that reflects modern culinary trends. The historic ambiance enhances the dining experience, inviting patrons to step back in time while savoring contemporary coastal cuisine.

Signature Dishes and Craft Cocktails:

Owen’s Fish Camp boasts an array of signature dishes, from their famous clam chowder to the mouthwatering fish tacos. The menu is complemented by an extensive selection of craft cocktails and local brews curated to enhance the flavors of the coastal-inspired cuisine.

Community Gathering Place:

Beyond its culinary delights, Owen’s Fish Camp has become a community gathering place, welcoming locals and visitors alike. The communal seating, friendly staff, and live music contribute to the restaurant’s vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, making it a favorite spot for socializing and enjoying Sarasota’s culinary scene.

Outdoor Seating and Waterfront Views:

Patrons at Owen’s Fish Camp can dine al fresco, with outdoor seating that provides a view of the surrounding greenery. The proximity to the water adds to the charm, creating a serene and picturesque backdrop for a memorable dining experience.


Owen’s Fish Camp stands as a culinary haven in Sarasota, offering a meal and a journey into the rich coastal flavors of Florida. With its charming ambiance, dedication to fresh seafood, and commitment to creating a welcoming community space, Owen’s Fish Camp is a beloved destination for those seeking a taste of coastal paradise in the heart of Sarasota, FL.